Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

These unprecedented times with Covid19 have caused stress, frustration, and uncertainty in ways that many of us could have ever imagined. During these times of trouble, businesses should not suffer because of a lack of communication. Many companies are turning to platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco’s WebEx for meetings to stay afloat and keep communication avenues open.

Microsoft Teams E5 Licenses with Telephony and Poly Headsets with the Poly Cube Camera or Poly X50 for the office provides the best video conferencing platform on the market today. STE is a certified reseller and can install these systems. With endless capabilities, Microsoft Teams you can share your screen and utilize high definition video make it easy to present new ideas and showcase why your business is among the top class. Session recording is also an option, making it easy to playback and re-watch for clarification purposes, or make the meeting available to those who are not able to take part. Instant Messaging and communication throughout your organization will cut down on interruptions and increase productivity.

How can video conferencing benefit your company?

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Face To Face Interaction

More professional and engaging atmosphere while working in the comfort of your own home.

Remote Access

Remote access provides an opportunity for your business to be located anywhere you can imagine.

Future Small And Medium Enterprises

Critical for the progression of your workforce wether small or medium size.

Screen Sharing And Security

Secure screen sharing with no worries of being hacked.

Ready to get started?

Video conferencing is the future of business.