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Fiber High-Speed Broadband

Up to 100 Mbps Up/Down
Good for:
Multiple connected devices
Stream HD video
Work from home
Up to 500 Mbps Up/Down
Good for:
Download/upload large files
Stream 4K video
Play online games
Multiple internet users
Up to 1,000 Mbps Up/Down
Good for:
Instant upload
Many connected devices
No web lag
Seamless experience
  1. Included: 3 email addresses & free tech support

*Modem required for service. See purchase options.

Receive $10 off your internet package when you sign up for phone service from STE.


Up to 5 Mbps Down & 5 Mbps Up*
Good for:
Browse the internet
Stream music
Up to 30 Mbps Down & 30 Mbps Up*
Good for:
Browse the internet
Stream music

*These copper packages are on a “Best Effort” basis. STE cannot guarantee that customers will receive speeds listed.

Receive $5 off your internet package when you sign up for phone service from STE.

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STE is always working on our network. Please call us at (573) 775-2111 to see if service is available in your area.

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1000 Mbps

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Your Internet Speed

Note: Using multiple devices simultaneously will divide your bandwidth and affect speeds per device.

Managed WiFi Service

Reliable wireless connectivity for customers, employees, and guests.

STE’s high-speed, ultra-low latency Internet fuels the solution with fully scalable speeds ranging from 10 Mbps. to 1 Gbps. Custom designed to meet the unique connection needs of all customers from small businesses to large enterprises. Supported by the company’s expansive fiber network, built, and continually upgraded to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of enterprise, carrier, and residential customers.

Modem Maintenance Plan


Did you know that modem sitting on your computer desk belongs to you?

Should that modem be damaged by lightning or even just stop working from old age, you’ll need to replace that modem to continue accessing the Internet. DSL modems can be expensive to replace and after just replacing a couple, those costs can really add up. What if there was some type of coverage available to give you some peace of mind?

Check out our modem maintenance plan!

Our Modem Maintenance Plan (MMP) will provide you with coverage for modem failure. Should the modem not operate properly, just call one of our support technicians at the Helpdesk.

Why sign up?

A storm went through last night and now your modem will not turn on? Covered! Got home from work and the modem won’t connect? Covered! Pressed the reset button and now the modem doesn’t work? Covered!

DSL Modem/Router Purchase Options

Option 1:

$150+tax to purchase the modem.

Option 2:

$100+tax to purchase the modem when the customer subscribes to a 12-month STE Modem Maintenance Plan MMP for $5 per month.

Sign a one year MMP commitment when you purchase your modem and receive a $50 discount.