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We have solutions to give you reliable wireless access throughout your facilities. With mesh technologies now available, there no longer has to be cable to every location. Other innovations include high density access points that can provide service to a much higher number of clients simultaneously. These are great solutions for gyms, parks, manufacturing facilities, and other areas that have high usage and poor signal penetration.

If you have a building needing to be added to your network and you have line of site, we can offer a point-to-point wireless solution to get it going. These solutions can also be used to offer redundancy or temporary access in case of cable damage.

The devices are powered by PoE (Power Over Ethernet), making centralized management easier and reducing the amount of cabling necessary for implementation. We have a full lineup of PoE capable switches that are also capable of being managed from a single interface. Having a fully integrated network reduces the risk of network conflicts and your time necessary to properly maintain it.

After installation, we can offer a maintenance plan to keep things running like they should and repair things when needed.

We can analyze your location and give relevant recommendations based on our onsite testing procedures.

What mesh WiFi systems do for you:


Reduce low signal areas

Extends and optimizes your internet to every corner, wall-to-wall, inside and outside.


Gives your network room to grow as bandwidth needs continue to increase.

Reliable Connection

Provides a robust signal and a steady connection for service you can count on.


Fully utilizes your internet service allowing you to reduce equipment needs and other resources to lower costs.

Manage Access Points

Significantly increases the number of users who can access your network over what is allowed through a traditional router.
STE_Icon_Powered Points

Powered Access Points

Minimizes set-up and clean up by eliminating the need to run extra power lines.

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