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Whatever your reason for considering a system, we can help you find the right gear, the optimal configuration, and a competitive price. We can maintain your system and troubleshoot issues, giving you even more peace of mind.

With lower cost per camera, you can have better camera saturation and more reliable security footage. Using fixed cameras means you do not miss events that could happen while a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera is moving.

They are powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet), so you only need a single run of cat5/6 to each camera location.This offers both data and power over the same cable. With a managed PoE data switch, you can power the cameras and manage your network in one device.

The video is stored in a network video recorder that can be placed anywhere in your network, or in another location with internet access if you prefer. The NVR constantly records video so you don’t have to worry about an event being missed. Each NVR can control around 20 cameras, even with users monitoring them throughout the day.



Multiple Mounting Options

Make cameras more visible or less intrusive based on your needs.

Outdoor Ready

Outdoor rated and do not require internal heating

Centrally Managed

Centrally managed by an NVR (Network Video Recorder)


Sends alerts if there is motion detected or system problems arise

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