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Our goal is to increase your business productivity and efficiency. We’ll stop at nothing to give you that unparalleled support. With more than 68 years of technical and operational experience under our belts, we have the know-how to seamlessly power your internet connection.

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Leveraging partnerships with industry leaders STE delivers an advantageous position for its customers.

All About Fiber Internet

Fiber optic internet connections work at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which is 100 times faster than cable internet. These lightning-fast speeds mean you’ll be able to download files in seconds, stream video without buffering, and have greater efficiency for anything you’re doing online.

Fiber optic internet is about 100 times faster than cable internet, making it a far more reliable and consistent network option. While cable internet is limited by the physical restrictions of sending electricity through copper wires, fiber optic internet transmits modulated light through glass wires, meaning the data can travel farther, isn’t affected by interference, and is less likely to be damaged over time.

Fiber networks are made up of microscopic strands of glass. These cables, about the size of human hair, send data through light pulses instead of electricity, delivering a higher bandwidth and greater reliability than any other internet connection.

A fiber optic network is an alternative to a traditional internet connection, delivering unmatched speed and efficiency for your business. Using the power of light, fiber optic cables transmit data with a stronger, more reliable signal than cable or DSL internet.

Managed Router Service

Providing reliable wireless connectivity for customers, employees, and guests

STE’s Managed Wi-Fi includes industry-leading access points and switches with consistent end to end wireless connectivity and performance in both indoor and outdoor settings. STE’s high-speed, ultra-low latency Internet fuels the solution with fully scalable speeds ranging from 10 Mbps. to 1 Gbps. The product is custom designed to meet the unique connection needs of all customers from small businesses to large enterprises. The service is supported by the company’s expansive fiber network, built, and continually upgraded to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of enterprise, carrier, and residential customers.

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During our longstanding partnership with STE Communications, we have received dedicated professionalism, prompt assistance and superior customer service.
Scott Perkins, President & CEO First Community National Bank
We would like to thank STE for everything they do for our community! Our staff and residents are so very thankful for all funding and reopening our fish aquarium.
Krystal McKellips LPN, LNHA Administrator Steelville Senior Living