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Cloud Phone is phone your way – how and where you want it. With all the advances in telephone, conferencing and video technology, we are able to do so much more than make phone calls. You can now get HD audio quality and the ability to utilize features for your individual phones or conference room systems.

We have certified technicians to help you find the system that will best fit your current and future needs.

What is STE Cloud Phone?

Our Cloud Phone uses VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is simply using voice services over the internet rather than through installed wires like a landline. VoIP has become very popular, with a lot of companies choosing it over traditional landlines. Are you curious to know why?

Here are some of the factors that go into your choice for VoIP vs landline.

The features of VoIP are unmatched when compared to a landline. Here are some prominent things that you will find particularly useful:

Mobile Functionality: You can use your mobile phone as an extension of your office phone by having calls forwarded to you directly, no matter where you are. Also, when you make calls from your mobile phone, they will appear to come from your office line.

Instant Messaging: Communicating with customers via text is convenient, reliable, and effective.

Third-Party Integrations: Integration with third-party applications such as CRM software and cloud communication services are seamless and streamlined.

Scalability: Rather than having a limited number of lines or having to install and upgrade hardware every few years, VoIP can support up to an unlimited number of lines, reducing the cost of setup and maintenance.

A Landline does not offer any of these features, so when comparing VoIP vs landline, VoIP is the way to go.

The cost of landlines and VoIPs will be different depending on your service provider, location, and number of lines required, but here are some estimates for planning purposes.

VoIP cost $17.50 per user (no matter how many lines per user), per month. This price includes setup, 40+ features, and ongoing maintenance. However, this price does not include charges for long distance calls.

You can see that not only is VoIP packed with beneficial features, but you can enjoy them all for lower costs than the price of a traditional line.

Even though there are plenty of positives to VoIP, there are some cons to be aware of before making your final choice.

·      Cloud phone systems are reliant entirely on internet connection, so poor connectivity will have an impact on your ability to use the system.

·      Since the phone systems are online, they can be susceptible to malware or viruses.

When comparing VoIP vs landline, using a VoIP for your business is better overall. This is thanks to mobile functionality, instant messaging capabilities, ease of third-party integration, and lower costs.

VoIP uses an internet connection to transmit audio instead of installed landline wires. Regardless of this difference, the actual calling to and from VoIP is the same as a traditional phone network. However, each situation is unique and requires some time to think through the pros and cons of both VoIP and landlines for your specific situation and needs.

The Cloud Communication System by STE is an industry-leading voice and data network that offers all the communications solutions your business needs. Whether calling with high-quality HD voice and video from any device, holding meetings via enhanced and energized video conferencing, or completing tasks with integrated apps and files, you will find your team and customers are more connected than ever.

What Cloud Phone Does For You


Lower Cost

Lowers your capital expenditures and operational costs over time

Simple Management

User friendly – making moves, adds, and changes efficient


Allows users to seamlessly move and reconnect phones at different locations

Seamless Integration

Integrates SIP Trunking – reducing phone bills, including long distance and international calls

Increase Productivity

Enables listening to voice messages and viewing faxes through email, increasing productivity

Great Features

Call Routing, Call Hold, Call Recording, Blocking, Caller ID, Last Number Redial, Call Forwarding, Intercept User and many more!

Ready to get started?

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