10 Digit Dialing

What is it:

There is a new dialing procedure coming to the 573 area code in Missouri. A new area code (235) is being added to the region.

What does this mean for me:

Your phone number is not at risk for changing. However, because it is being added as an overlay, as of February 24, 2024, anyone in the 573 area code must dial all ten digits for the call to be routed. On and after that date, calls made with 7 digits won’t be completed.

As of March 24, 2024, you may start to see new phone numbers utilizing the 235 area code. Those with the 235 area code must also abide by the new 10 digit dialing rule.

What is currently a local call, will remain a local call. The long distance rate has also not changed.

Three digit calls such as 911, 877, 811 and so on will not change.

A good reminder:

If you have any programmed numbers in any devices, equipment or applications, you should check to ensure they are done so using all 10 digits. Common items may be fax machines, medical monitoring devices, alarm systems, call forwarding settings, etc. Stationery, checks, advertising materials, pet tags and other common areas for phone numbers should also be reviewed.

For additional information, please reach out at 573-775-2111.