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Simple pricing and fast internet from a company whose top concern is serving its neighbors well.

Managed Wi-Fi

How can managed Wi-Fi change your life?

Greater Security

Protect your information and family. Keep your internet secure and safe for every user in your house.

Better Performance

Streamline your internet, setting priority devices and dedicating bandwidth to particular activities.

Strong Insights

Understand how your WiFi is being used and gain insight into how it can be improved upon.

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Simple Plans, Straightforward Pricing

Our plans are priced the same No matter where you live.

Internet without Interruption

Keep up with the high demands of life with Gig Speeds, so you can internet without interruption.

New 10 Digit Dialing Rules

Soon, all 573 area code customers will need to dial the area code for a completed call.

Local Internet Matters

Beyond offering reliable, high-speed internet and services, STE is proud to support our local communities. Beyond simply serving our community, we actively invest in projects that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. From sponsoring bike parks and community spaces, to diving in deep to help address community needs, STE is proud to be the local provider in our communities.

Some Words from Our Friends

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With more than 68 years of technical and operational experience under our belts, our goal is to increase your business productivity and efficiency. We’ll stop at nothing to give you that unparalleled support.